HON.org Tip: Add Some Flexibility to Your Volunteerism

Do you long for freedom and flexibility in your life? HON can help! While we can’t institute four day weekends or get rid of speed limits, we CAN offer flexible volunteer opportunities that allow you to work with a nonprofit to determine a mutually beneficial time for completing the needed task.

Rather than being scheduled for a pre-determined time and date (which is what you see if you look on our Opportunity Calendar), these allow for a bit more scheduling flexibility. Also called To-Be-Scheduled Opportunities, these allow a volunteer to set a schedule based on their availability and the nonprofit’s scheduling needs. Volunteers communicate with the nonprofit to determine a mutually beneficial time for completing the needed task. To see a full list of To-Be-Scheduled opportunities, click here.

Here’s how to search for To-Be-Scheduled opportunities:
1. Click Find An Opportunity from the blue horizontal menu on HON’s home page.


2. In the green Basic Search box on the left, click the dropdown menu for Schedule Type.
3. Choose To Be Scheduled. Click Search.

To Be Scheduled

4. Find an opportunity that fits your interest or skills. Click on the opportunity title.

5. You will be taken to the opportunity details of the project where you can read more about the project. If interested in volunteering, select the Express Interest button.

6. The nonprofit will contact you to establish a plan for volunteering.

Voilà! It’s no utopian society where rules don’t exist, but it sure opens up a world of possibility for those of us with scheduling challenges who still want to give back.

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