We’ve Moved!

Hands On Nashville Joins Center for Nonprofit Management at the Trolley Barns at Rolling Mill Hill
It’s official: Middle Tennessee’s volunteer resource center has moved to the Trolley Barns at Rolling Mill Hill, joining the Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM) in one of six historic buildings that have been renovated for commercial use. We are thrilled to join CNM to provide innovative capacity-building services to nonprofit organizations – from professional development and education to volunteerism – under one roof!

The beautiful downtown view from the new HON office in the Historic Trolley Barns.

The buildings, constructed circa 1940 as a New Deal project, served the city of Nashville as office and maintenance shops for the city public works department. An example of early twentieth-century industrial architecture, the buildings have been renovated to meet the guidelines of the National Register, and an application has been submitted to list the buildings in the National Register of Historic Places. Other organizations that will be moving into the development include Emma, the Entrepreneur Center, Centric Architecture, the Metropolitan Department and Housing Agency, and Baker, Sullivan & Hoover PLC. In addition to the exciting synergy between CNM and HON, the historic character of the buildings, and our innovative and thoughtful neighbors, the HON and CNM building is seeking LEED Silver certification (read more about the sustainable features of the building below.)

Caroline, Jaclyn, Becca and Elizabeth enjoy a little jump rope to break the place in.

Please make note of our new address, and stop by and say hello if you are in the neighborhood!

Hands On Nashville
37 Peabody Street, Suite 206
Nashville, TN 37210

While our office has moved, our phone number is the same – (615) 298-1108. And, of course, you can still find 300+ volunteer opportunities every month on our Opportunity Calendar at HON.org.

More About Our New “Green” Office
A core HON value is sustainability – from offering volunteer opportunities that improve the environment to our internal office practices, we strive to be aware of the impact we have not just on our community, but also on the environment. And our new office is no exception! The developer of our building is seeking LEED Silver Certification, a green rating system for buildings that stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The building provides a healthy and environmentally friendly office for our staff, which boosts staff productivity and morale so we can have a bigger impact on our community while keeping a smaller impact on our earth.

For a building to become LEED certified, the project has to achieve points in five categories: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, and Indoor Environmental Quality.  A few interesting LEED features of our building:
· It is a brownfield redevelopment, which means the site soil was originally contaminated. The developer used soil remediation to remove the toxins and improve the site.
· Through low impact stormwater design, more stormwater remains onsite so it   does not run off and overburden the city’s stormwater infrastructure.
· During construction, 60% of the existing building shell  was reused, which diverted 50% of construction waste from the landfill.
· Inside our office doors, most of the office equipment is Energy Star. We sourced regional and recycled furniture as much as possible.

Adams, HON's Urban Farm Program VISTA, enjoys the new lounge.

To become more involved in Hands On Nashville’s sustainable initiatives, sign up to  volunteer with one of our three environmentally-focused programs: Urban Farming, Waterway Restoration (more info coming soon on this one!), or Home Energy Savings.  We look forward to seeing you at a project soon!


8 thoughts on “We’ve Moved!

  1. HON Congratulations on your move and your new space. I hope to have the opportunity to visit and see it in person. Best of luck to the best Volunteer Action organization.

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