Nonprofit Partner Spotlight: Youth Empowerment through Arts & Humanities, Inc. (YEAH!)

Belt it out, girls. Young girls are encouraged to express themselves using music as their creative vehicle at Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp.

Hear the  school bells ringing, yet? Kids are jumping out of their socks ready for summer. If you listen closely enough, you might even hear the sounds of Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out for Summer” coming from your neighbor’s garage. And then, listen even closer. Wait a minute, that kid who just sang Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days are Over” is the kid who attended Youth Empowerment through Arts & Humanities, Inc. (YEAH!)’s summer camp last year.

With a strong belief that artistic collaboration, expression, and performance empower youth to become creative, productive, and confident members of our community, YEAH! has stepped forward to offer music-focused opportunities for young people. YEAH! is a nonprofit that builds a creative community by providing experiences in the arts for young people ages 10 through 17. While being a part of a band is one component of its offerings, YEAH! provides opportunities for young people to experience ALL areas of the arts, including dance and visual arts.

Volunteers are critical to YEAH!’s success. Shown here: Volunteers helping the girls sign in for camp. (This could be YOU.)

YEAH! volunteers are a critical component of the organization’s success. And who wouldn’t want to volunteer? From helping manage “The Band” to being a “roadie,” YEAH! has the perfect fit for your talents THIS summer at Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp July 23-28,2012. The most exciting part of camp week is the opportunity for campers to form their own band and collaborate on a song to perform during a showcase at the end of the week. With the support of dozens of amazing volunteers and local sponsors, Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp and Tennessee Teen Rock Camp continue to develop new ways for campers to develop self confidence along with musical skills. “After attending the 3rd annual SGRRC Showcase, I was very impressed,” says Kelli Morris, the parent of an SGRRC camper and YEAH! volunteer. “In addition to signing my daughter up as a camper, I volunteered, too, because I thought what they were doing for and with young girls was incredible.”

If we haven’t convinced you, take a look at this incredible video:

> View and sign up for YEAH! camp volunteer opportunities this summer.

> Read more about Yeah!

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