Nonprofit Partner Feature: Lutheran Services Building Healthy Families Program

Shelia sleeps on the couches of friends and family members, having struggled with homelessness and substance abuse for years. After surviving severe physical abuse from a close relative, she lives in fear of it happening again. She quietly mourns the loss of a son and the death of her mother.

Women served by the Building Healthy Families Program learn about gardening.

Despite her many challenges, Shelia has found hope in Lutheran Services in Tennessee’s program called Building Healthy Families.

“The program has helped me with prayer, to deal with my problems … inspired me that life is a battle but it gets better with time,” says Shelia.

Just like Shelia, so many women in our community are raising children in the midst of poverty, without adequate support systems. Lutheran Services in Tennessee is working to lift these women up through its Building Healthy Families Program. Through educational sessions and support groups, Lutheran Services offers health education, spiritual development, and small group discussions to low-income women in North Nashville.

Volunteers in the garden
Volunteers participate in the raised bed garden program to help residents of the Cheatham neighborhood learn how to grow their own food.

Volunteers are an important part of Lutheran Services’ work to bring healing, help, and hope to the community. Volunteer needs for the Building Healthy Families Program include:

  • Childcare, so the women can take part in group discussions and participate in educational sessions each week;
  • Assistance with the raised bed garden program in the Cheatham neighborhood to help residents learn how to grow their own healthy food; and
  • Help with securing food and household items donations.

> Check out these volunteer opportunities with Lutheran Services in Tennessee currently listed on HON’s website.

> For other opportunities and more information about volunteering with Lutheran Services in Tennessee, please contact Janet Arning at (615) 881-4579 or


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