Volunteer Leader Spotlight: Camilla Baird


Eight years ago, Camilla made the big move to Music City. This “concert junkie,” as she calls herself, was out to see new things and put her mark on the world.

It turns out that her passion for live music wasn’t the only thing that made Camilla fall in love with Nashville. The city’s culture of service also made it a great fit for this spunky St. Louis native. Camilla’s fond childhood memories of her parents showing her the importance of serving others inspired her to get involved in community service in her new city. Shortly after moving to town, Camilla found herself involved in all sorts of community happenings that helped those in need.

Nashville CARES became a regular project for Camilla.  “After moving to Nashville,” she mentions, “it was important to follow their lead and give back and grow my roots here.”

For the past 6 months, Camilla has stepped up even more and taken a new role at Nashville CARES as the Volunteer Leader. Each week, she leads volunteer groups in helping to pack food that is given to individuals and families in need. She loves this project because “it serves so many in the Nashville area and beyond.” The CARES packages provide food to help an HIV/AIDS victim and/or family member for weeks. “It feels so good to know that my minor efforts are helping in a major way to provide essential nutrition for those in need,” says Camilla.

Camilla moved here eight years ago and it took her a few years to find her niche at Nashville CARES. Why? Because she was eager to experiment with all the HON.org opportunities. Camilla encourages everyone to “be open and willing to try new things until you find a good fit.” With so much need and an accessible opportunity calendar at anyone’s fingertips, there is certainly something for everyone to try. “I love feeling like I made a difference, even if it’s just a little part of my time,” says Camilla.

Making CARES Packages occurs every Tuesday from 6 to 7:30 p.m. If you want to participate, click here to sign up for this project.  HON’s Volunteer Leaders and volunteers are an integral part of Hands On Nashville’s mission to impact community needs through volunteerism. Thank you, Camilla, for your leadership and volunteerism!

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