Nike Volunteer Photo of the Month

Nike Photo Contest
Volunteer, snap a pic, and send! It’s so easy to be a part of our ongoing monthly Photo contest and win a $25 gift certificate to the Nike Factory Store, while also inspiring others to keep on doin’ good for our Nashville community.

  1. Volunteer. Curious about where to start? Take a look at the Opportunity Calendar at and sign up for a specific adventure.
  2. Take a photo with you and/or your friends volunteering.
  3. Send it to us. There are 3 easy ways:
    • Email your photo to
    • Tweet your photo to @HONashville.
    • Tag @HONashville when you upload your volunteer photos on Facebook. (If you have your settings on private, it might be best to post directly on our page.)

Our August Winner:

Keitha Nicole Vincent is our photo contest winner for August! Keitha is one of the Volunteer Leaders at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge. Here, she’s submitted a photo of volunteer Tina Logan preparing the food for families at Hope Lodge in July. Thank you for being an agent of change and inspiring others!


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