Volunteer Leader Spotlight: Kymberly Anderson

This mother, entrepreneur, native Nashvillian, and world traveler has a big place in her heart for volunteerism and Music City.

“I was married in Japan and have literally been around the world with my six boys 25 times,” says Kymberly Anderson. She’s been on many worldly adventures, but has always found her way back to Nashville and the people here who make it a wonderful place to live. “[Volunteerism and] Hands On Nashville have made such a great impact on me and my city!” she exclaims. “I was born and raised here. I lived and traveled all over the world, but always return to Nashville!”

While not on the move, Kymberly has been involved with HON since the mid-1990s when she served as a member of Hands On Nashville’s board of directors and in various volunteer roles. When the 2010 flood hit Nashville, Kym stepped up her commitment in a big way and served as a Project Coordinator helping with flood cleanup on Blue Hole Road for three weeks.

“After [helping with] the flood, I knew I had to get back full time with HON and find my groove.” She found a true sweet spot leading volunteers to serve hot meals to Nashville’s homeless and working poor through Catholic Charities’ program Loaves and Fishes, and she’s been doing it for the past two years. “Loaves & Fishes is one of the most fulfilling projects that HON is involved with. I have [led volunteer projects many times] over the years, and I’ve found such a deep connection at Loaves & Fishes.” Her favorite part is the interaction. “I love the stories and seeing everyone each and every month,” she comments. “We are surrounded by so many grateful people.”

If you are trying out a new service opportunity like Loaves & Fishes, Kymberly encourages you to go with the flow. “Even though your project may not run as smoothly as you anticipate, the end result is phenomenal to others. And, wear comfortable shoes!”

“With HON, we can and do make huge differences within our community. HON is so well run, the projects give you the freedom to express your individualism, and the end results actually change someone’s life besides your own,” she says. “I am very proud to be involved with HON, and will continue to be a Volunteer Leader for the next 20 years!”

Loaves and Fishes occurs on the 4th Saturday of every month from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you want to participate, click here to sign up for this project. HON’s Volunteer Leaders and volunteers are an integral part of Hands On Nashville’s mission to impact community needs through volunteerism. Thank you, Kym, for your leadership and volunteerism.


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