Nonprofit Partner Spotlight: Soles4Souls

Fall is in the air. And the perfect pair of shoes makes taking an afternoon stroll even more enjoyable, especially if you’re hiking those Percy Warner hills.

A child in Haiti gets a new pairs of shoes from Soles4Souls!

It’s hard to think that anyone wouldn’t have shoes, especially when being exposed to the outside elements. Step on a stick the wrong way, and you’re down for the count. Or imagine walking barefoot outside in the winter.

Thankfully, Soles4Souls knows this need and provides shoes to individuals living in extreme poverty and recovering from natural disasters. One in four adults lives on less than $1 a day, and most cannot afford proper footwear. The charity, headquartered in Nashville, has provided more than 19 million pairs of shoes to those in need since 2005.

Adrian Guetter, a Soles4Souls Cornerstone Team Member, shares her

Volunteers travel with Soles4Souls to help them distribute shoes.

testimonial: “What an incredible experience to be able to provide shoes to the students at Huruma in Kenya. One of the first things we noticed was how when students did have a pair of shoes that had any life left to them whatsoever, they were shared with other students. When we lined the students up to give out the shoes the excitement was contagious. It was Christmas in August for them. As we walked them over to their size, fitted them with the shoes and were able to see them walk away with shoes on their feet the appreciation was overwhelming. Some of the students have spent so much time without any wearable shoes. This was one of the best days we had at the orphanage.”

Soles4Souls volunteers wash every person’s feet that they distribute shoes to before placing new shoes on their feet.

With so many needs, Soles4Souls volunteers really make the difference. Soles4Souls’ biggest upcoming need is for volunteers to help with the Ragnar Relay race on November 9. The runners start off in Chattanooga and end in Nashville. Soles4Souls needs volunteers along the 196 mile course to help with passing out water, cleanup, setup, routing courses, and other tasks. For every one volunteer that Soles4Souls provides, the Ragnar Relay race donates $100 to the organization, which translates into 100 pairs of shoes that Soles4Souls is able to distribute to those in need. There are various shifts to sign up starting Friday at 4 a.m. until Saturday at 7p.m.
> Sign up and learn more here.  

If you’re looking for an ongoing need you can help fill, volunteers are needed to help with sorting shoes and processing them for shipments.
> Sign up and learn more here. 

> View all Soles4Souls volunteer needs here.


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