The Engine Behind Community Impact

C3comboC3 Consulting knows that teams are more innovative and productive when they are in an environment that is designed specifically to allow teams to gather, dream, plan, and grow. That’s why the management consulting firm opened the engine, a creative collaboration space adjacent to the firm’s consulting offices in the heart of Nashville. The space is used not only for C3 to lead teams through important change, but also for any professional or community organization to use for problem-solving, strategic planning, team building, and connecting.

C3’s strong commitment to the community makes it a perfect match for the Mary Catherine Strobel Community Impact Award. “We are pleased to recognize volunteers who make a difference in their neighborhoods by presenting the Community Impact Award,” said Beth Chase, president and CEO of C3 Consulting. “Rob Crittenden (1943-2012), Susan Hatfield, and Creely Wilson have made significant contributions to the community through their work, and we are honored to recognize their achievements.”

C3 Consulting is the Community Impact Award Presenting Sponsor for the Mary Catherine Strobel Volunteer Awards.


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