Promoting Compassionate Care Among Young Volunteers

Baptist_blogMost volunteerism starts from a small seed of hope and compassionate care. And from tiny seeds, abundant gardens can bloom. The Baptist Healing Trust knows that young people who volunteer serve as an inspiration to others, and can cause a great ripple effect in communities. The Mary Catherine Strobel Volunteer Awards’ longest-serving award sponsor of nine years, Baptist Healing Trust once again will honor youth volunteers at the 2013 awards luncheon.

“Each year, we are inspired by the young people nominated for the Strobel Youth Volunteer Award,” said Catherine Self, president and CEO of Baptist Healing Trust. “Each of them is driven to volunteer by a sense of compassionate care for those who need it, and serve as powerful examples for all of us. We are truly honored to recognize Youth Volunteer Award finalists Caroline Hoffman, Iris Levine, and Ben Rosenberg at this year’s Strobel Awards.”

Baptist Healing Trust is the Youth Volunteer Award Presenting Sponsor  for the Mary Catherine Strobel Volunteer Awards.


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