VolunTEEN: The Importance of Teamwork

ferriss headshot1Guest post by Ferriss Bailey,
HON VolunTEEN Summer Youth Leader

Ferriss Bailey, a rising senior at Montgomery Bell Academy, is one of the four inaugural Summer Youth Leaders. During the four summer service weeks, Ferriss leads service learning opportunities that address the environment.

Prior to joining the Summer Youth Leader Program at Hands On Nashville, I had been a regular at service projects through my school, but I did not have many chances to lead my peers in those endeavors.

This program, organized by Colleen Callaghan and Lauren Levy, has given me an opportunity to take the lead on projects about which I am passionate. I can never repay Hands On Nashville for giving me this opportunity and for teaching me how to be a better peer leader.

Leading a project entails many different responsibilities and duties. Personally, I think that the most important task is to get the group working together as a team. No project is ever exactly the same, even if we are all doing the same work. There may be a group of twenty thirteen year-olds or just four high school seniors. What does not change from project to project is the importance of teamwork. Without teamwork, the projects can seem daunting and discouraging, and it always takes more effort and time. As I have gotten better at instilling a sense of teamwork, groups have been able to get more work done while having a great time as well.

Learn more about HON’s VolunTEEN program here!

Enthusiastic youth volunteers taking a quick break from their hard work!
Enthusiastic youth volunteers taking a quick break from their hard work!

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