Clear Your Yard & Help Our Farm!

Bring your leaves to the Hands On Nashville Urban Farm!

Fall is here! While the trees are definitely beautiful as they change colors, that also means it’s leaf raking time. This year, instead of pushing leaves to the side or putting them out to be collected, consider dropping them by the Hands On Nashville Urban Farm! We collect leaves all fall and use them to help mulch our gardens in the spring and summer.

We’re now accepting leaf drops at the Urban Farm (361 Wimpole Dr, 37211). Once you arrive, look for the gravel drive with the “Leaf Drop Entrance” sign. (Be sure not to confuse this with the exit or the parking lot entrance just a couple hundred feet away.) The signs will lead you through our Leaf Hall where you can deposit your leaves into one of our many leaf bins — bagged or loose leaves are accepted and greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, contact our Urban Farm Coordinator Adam Curtis at

How Do We Use Leaves at the Farm?

Leaves are an important part of the regenerative agricultural system we practice at the Farm. 

  • During spring, leaves are used as mulch to help reduce weeds.
  • As the summer heat sets in, leaves serve to help reduce water loss and soil depletion in heavy mulch layers. 
  • During the fall, leaves are layered with manure on top of our vegetable production area as part of our crop rotation system. 
  • By the following spring, these leaves, broken down by decay and winter, are incorporated as nutrients into our soil. 

Thank you for supporting Hands On Nashville’s Urban Farm!

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