Home Energy Savings Homeowner Spotlight: Ms. Brooks

Ms. Brooks and Hands On Nashville Volunteers
Ms. Brooks and Hands On Nashville Volunteers following a Home Energy Savings Project in April 2015.

Ms. Brooks, now retired, is an avid churchgoer, a proud new grandmother, and a homeowner in East Nashville.

Before volunteers completed a Home Energy Savings project in her home this April, Ms. Brooks was paying as high as $400 per month for her energy bill alone. Shortly after her project was completed, Ms. Brooks called Hands On Nashville with good news.

“I’m so satisfied with the work you guys did!,” she said. “Thank you for the [energy-efficient] light bulbs! Thank you for my new fire extinguisher, the smoke alarms, all my attic insulation! Thank you, thank you, thank you! … I walked in the house and could immediately tell a big difference!”

HES volunteers not only strive to increase the energy-efficiency of homes, they also make a concerted effort to make homes safer for residents. To do so, volunteers install measures such as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and ABC-rated fire extinguishers in addition to attic insulation, weatherstripping, and other efficiency measures.

With a lean team of highly motivated volunteers, the HES team was able to achieve a 25 percent air-infiltration reduction in her home. This means 25 percent less frigid winter air or hot summer heat can enter her home, allowing her air conditioning unit to run more efficiently and ultimately reduce her utility bills.

Big thanks to Ms. Brooks and our volunteers for making such a successful project!

Ready to help at a Home Energy Savings project? Sign up today at HON.org/HES.

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