Volunteer Spotlight: Steve Martens

Steve-Martens_HES-VolunteerMeet Steve, a Home Energy Savings (HES) Program Volunteer.

Steve has worked on a total of 23 homes, giving more than 90 hours worth of time, sweat, and energy to bring comfort and cost-savings to Nashville homeowners.

“HES offers me a great opportunity to work with a small group of volunteers to make a huge impact on people’s lives,” Steve says of the program. “HES is not just giving someone a one-time gift but is making a significant difference. HES impacts these homeowners in many ways, which include lower energy bills, less water usage, and a more comfortable home. As a volunteer it is very rewarding to be part of an effort that has such a wonderful impact on our fellow citizens.”

Thank you to Steve, and to all of Hands On Nashville’s supporters and volunteers for powering the Home Energy Savings Program!

During the #BigPayback on May 3, Hands On Nashville is recruiting support for the Home Energy Savings Program! Click here to support this program and be a light for a Nashville neighbor!

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