Hands On Nashville welcomes Starbucks fellows

Hands On Nashville is excited to welcome David Bradley and MaryBeth Konkowski to the team. David and MaryBeth are part of the Starbucks Foundation Service Fellows Program, a culmination of efforts from Points of Light and The Starbucks Foundation, created to help nonprofits build capacity while giving employees a chance to get more involved in their communities. Through the program, 100 Starbucks employees will serve for six months at agencies in 20 cities across the United States.  

David Bradley


Why Hands on Nashville? 

I started at Starbucks because it does a lot of secular good, just for the sake of being good. When I found out about the Starbucks Service Fellows program, and looked up Hands On Nashville, it seemed like Starbucks’ mission to do good lined up with HON’s mission.

How do you hope to grow throughout this term of service? 

I would like to increase my knowledge of the nonprofit world in general. I don’t have a nonprofit background; however, I have always been interested in social change and social theory. I’m currently working on a minor in sociology, but rather than just reading theories and understanding why things are wrong, I’d like to be a part of how to make things better.

What is one of your most memorable experiences as a volunteer?

I did a river cleanup with the Cumberland River Compact in Gallatin, Tennessee. We were able to go into the water beds and pull massive amounts of construction waste out of the river. A week later, CRC followed up with us, reporting exactly how much trash we pulled out. It was cool to see the extent of the impact we had on the health of the river.

MaryBeth Konkowski


Why Hands on Nashville? 

I was really excited when I found out we would be working with Hands On Nashville! I moved here after graduating from college and found it difficult to make friends. HON was an organization that I used to get involved with the community, find volunteer opportunities, and meet some good friends.

How do you hope to grow throughout this term of service?

I was in the corporate world for a while, and it’s always been interesting to me how nonprofits get the funding to do the things they want to do, all while supporting other nonprofits. I’m interested in learning more about the behind-the-scenes of how a nonprofit operates.

What is one of your most memorable experiences as a volunteer?

My mom and dad instilled a heart of service in me at a young age. One of the earliest memories I have of volunteering was being toted along by my mother, who was volunteering at a senior care center near my hometown. I was too young to volunteer, but I remember sitting and listening to these older women talk and tell funny stories. Looking back, I have warm, fuzzy feelings and it makes me realize how spending time at this care center really warmed my heart.


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