Show of Hands Week is all about staying connected and helping our neighbors

Ten years ago this weekend, as floodwaters receded and Nashvillians helped each other dig out and clean up, we saw the community come together to overcome mighty tragedy. The images remain forever in our collective memories: The upturned cars, the piles of debris outside houses, the strangers embracing because it all felt so overwhelming.

When, nearly 10 years later, a tornado ripped through our region, we witnessed the same immediate response: Another incredible uprising of people who, despite their own losses and heartache, wanted to help others. What we’ve seen is that it’s through service to others that our community feels more connected. A connected community is a stronger community, and our strength will help us get through our current difficult situation.

To celebrate that spirit, today we kick off a week of activities meant to highlight the ways — big and small — you can lend a hand, bring light, and give thanks to and for your neighbors. Every day here on our blog and on our social media channels between now and May 7, we’ll share ideas for how you can stay connected with your community and each another through acts of service and kindness. Play along every day, or just pick and choose which activities inspire you.

TODAY’S ACTIVITIES (MAY 1): Show of Hands  

Raise your hand if you’re a helper:  Here are three simple ways to show we’re all in this together – even from a distance.

  1. Wave hi. Tip your hat. Give a thumbs up. Whether it’s a new neighbor or an old friend, this #ShowOfHands helps us connect with every person we pass on our daily walk or drive.
  2. You’ve seen rainbows and teddy bears, and now here is a #showofhands for your window. For kids at home and kids at heart, we’ve made a coloring page that reminds us of the importance of working together to help others. Click here to download.
  3. Share what inspires you to lend a hand – use the graphic below on social media along with your answer and tag us — @HONashville — so we can share your story. Why do you volunteer? What has serving others taught you, or how has it changed your life?  Join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

day 1 square graphics

#ShowOfHandsWeek Activities

TODAY: Raise your hand and tell us why you choose to be a helper

SATURDAY, MAY 2: Sign up to serve as a volunteer in May

SUNDAY, MAY 3: Bring color and hope to a neighbor with flowers 

MONDAY, MAY 4: Join the local mask-making effort

TUESDAY, MAY 5: Give thanks for those on the front lines

WEDNESDAY, MAY 6: Find a virtual volunteer opportunity

THURSDAY, MAY 7: Support volunteerism and Hands On Nashville via The Big Payback


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