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Tell us a few of your favorite things, and enter to win a dinner at Burger Up

When we asked our staff what they love most about summer, we got some great answers: homegrown tomato/basil sandwiches (yum), reading by the pool, hanging out at the lake, cookouts, cold watermelon on a hot day, long days of sunshine. We then asked ourselves – Is it possible to find volunteer projects that align with these things? Check out this magic:

HON volunteers harvesting vegetables in a community garden.

> Tomato/basil sandwich and cold watermelon = HON Urban Farm and Richland Urban Farm

> Reading by the pool = Reading Buddies

> Hanging out at the lake = Radnor Lake Work Day

> Cookouts = Dinner at Hope Lodge

> Long days of sunshine = Blackberry Jam Music Festival

In the spirit of chasing the ice cream man (or woman) and running through the sprinkler, we’re curious if this same experiment works for you. What’s your favorite thing about summer? When you look at our Opportunity Calendar, can you find a volunteer project that somehow involves this thing? Let us know!

Post your answers* on our Facebook page by Friday, June 8, and enter a chance to win a dinner for four at Burger Up in Nashville. Ready, set, go!

*Answers must include both a favorite thing about summer AND the volunteer opportunity this aligns with. (Be sure to include the hyperlink to the project!) For example, “My favorite thing about summer is taking walks with my dog. I can help the Nashville community by volunteering with the Nashville Humane Association’s Critter Care project.” The winner will be chosen at random by HON staff.