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Show of Hands Week Day 5: Give Thanks

Between May 1-7, Hands On Nashville will highlight ways to stay connected and serve your neighbors even as our community honors social distancing guidelines. Check back here and on our social media channels to join in our #ShowOfHandsWeek: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

It’s Giving Tuesday, and we’re taking a moment to give thanks. For our volunteers. For our community partners. For all those who are keeping us safe, healthy, and connected.

We are thankful for the healthcare workers who are keeping us healthy, battling the illness, and comforting our loved ones we can’t visit at the moment. Thank you to the first responders who are keeping our communities safe. Thank you to the farm workers and grocery store employees who are keeping us fed, and the people powering food pantries and transporting meals to those in need.

Have you received some packages lately? Send some love to the postal service and deliverymen who bring us joy directly to the mailbox, and be grateful for the waste services workers who have continued to come by and pick up our trash and recycling. 

Times are tough right now, but we have so much to be grateful for. We hope you’ll join us in thanking the Nashville community – let’s spread gratitude far and wide!


Let someone know how much you appreciate themWho are you giving thanks for today? If you’re sending a letter or card, take a photo and tag us (and them!) on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook so wecan double your thanks.

  1. Send a digital thank-you: A social media shoutout is an easy and highly visible way to thank individuals, companies, and agencies, especially if you tag them or use a hashtag (#FrontlineHeroes). If you have someone’s email address — like your child’s teachers — you can send them a personal note or a cute card from a free resource like Paperless Post.
  2. Leave a note on your porch or in your mailbox: For delivery drivers who can’t be tipped with cash (think FedEx or UPS drivers, or your neighborhood postal worker), a sincere note of thanks on the porch or in the mailbox can brighten a day.
  3. Send a sweet note in the mail: This is something you can do for employees powering public agencies or essential businesses you’d like to thank. Click here for a roundup of mailing addresses for utility workers and hospitals. And if you run out of stamps? No need to head to the post office; you can order them online here.
  4. Feed someone on the front lines: Thank-you cards are always a great and appreciated idea, but for those in essential roles, a meal might be even more appreciated. Feed The Front Line is coordinating a massive effort to feed those who need it most. Go here to learn how you can help.

#ShowOfHandsWeek Activities

FRIDAY, MAY 1: Raise your hand and tell us why you choose to be a helper

SATURDAY, MAY 2: Sign up to serve as a volunteer in May

SUNDAY, MAY 3: Bring color and hope to a neighbor with flowers 

MONDAY, MAY 4: Join the local mask-making effort

TODAY: Give thanks for those on the front lines

WEDNESDAY, MAY 6: Find a virtual volunteer opportunity

THURSDAY, MAY 7: Support volunteerism and Hands On Nashville via The Big Payback