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Hands On Nashville 2014: Big impact, small footprint.

Ready to make a BIG impact on Hands On Nashville Day? Us too! Hands On Nashville

See no, Hear no, Do no harm, on the environment this year  at #HONDay2014. Find out how to help at HON.org/GreenAmbassador.
See no, Hear no, Do no harm, on the environment this year at #HONDay2014. Find out how to help at HON.org/GreenAmbassador.

Day is our largest annual day service to public schools, and we’re working to make sure our projects have the smallest impact on our environment as possible.

Here are a few exciting ways that we are making HON Day 2014 green!

We’re recruiting Green Ambassadors: We’re recruiting rock star volunteers to lead green initiatives at each HON Day school site! GAs will lead recycling efforts, set up comprehensive cleaning stations, and tally leftover supplies to ensure we’re being good stewards of our project resources.(Want to join us as a Green Ambassador? Jump down to the bottom of the page for more info.)

Our project supplies are reusable: All latex paint brushes and paint pans will be cleaned so they can be re-used for future projects.

We’ll be painting with non-toxic paint: We’ll be using indoor latex paint, which is zero VOC to ensure a healthy indoor learning environment and no-off gassing.

All oil paint will be disposed of responsibly: All oil paint cans will be properly recycled at Metro Recycling locations by Metro Nashville Public Schools.

We’re throwing a low-waste after party: Be sure to join us for the CMT One Celebration at Hands On Nashville from Noon to 2 p.m. after all of your projects are complete. The celebration will be complete with compostable flatware and onsite composting and recycling

We’ll cover green topics before we get started: Volunteers will be encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle to their project site. Water coolers will be provided when needed and recycling will be provided onsite. We’ll cover all this in our talking points during morning orientation to raise awareness about sustainability initiatives this year.

Sign up to be a Green Ambassador! Ready to take on a fun and engaging leadership opportunity as a GA? Contact jaclyn@hon.org or call 298.1108 ext 405. All instructions and guidance are provided, no experience necessary! For more information, visit HON.org/GreenAmbassador.