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Introducing our 2014-15 Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) Interns!

From August through May, these 10 outstanding teens will serve as a leadership team that works with Hands On Nashville staff to develop and lead youth projects that impact the community. Each has chosen a concentration – Arts, Fitness and Nutrition, or Technology – and will design and facilitate educational and skill-building lessons for youth served by area nonprofits.

This group is #hypedonhelp and we’re hyped to introduce them to you! Please meet out 2014-15 Youth Volunteer Corp Interns…

YVC Intern Alex Alexcee
“I serve because somebody served me.” – YVC Intern Alex Alexcee

Sarah Alexcee is a senior at Glencliff High School where she is proud to be “the voice of Glencliff High School in Newspaper Club.”  Sarah says if there is an issue or topic that needs to be addressed at her school, she is the one who authors the story. Sarah’s goal is to help the community while further enhancing her leadership skills in working with other students and adults who are committed to helping others.

Fun Fact: If Sarah could only listen to one CD/album forever, she would listen to Artpop by Lady Gaga.

Internship Concentration: Fitness/Nutrition


YVC Intern Anagha Ashokan
“I serve because I want to make a difference.” – YVC Intern Anagha Ashokan

Anagha Ashokan, a sophomore at Hume-Fogg Academic High School, has served as a delegate at Model United Nations, a Volunteer Mentor for the 2014 PACE (Pencil Academic & Career Enrichment) Summer Camp for Middle School students, and is the class officer in her school’s Student Government Association. Angagha says she is excited to take on this new leadership role by giving back to the community.

Fun Fact: If Anagha could have any superpower, it would be the ability to travel through time.

Internship Concentration: Arts


YVC Intern Michael Canonico
“I serve because I learn most through service.” – YVC Intern Michael Canonico

Michael Canonico is a senior at Father Ryan High School where he has been an officer on the student council for the past two years and is a student ambassador. As a YVC Intern this school year, Michael hopes to learn from the youth he will be working with and broaden his perspectives. His goal is to improve his leadership skills.

Fun Fact: If Michael could travel to anywhere in the world, he would go to Rome. “Rome is a center of faith, history, art, and culture,” He says.”All that is truly human can be seen in Rome and in her history.”

Internship Concentration: Fitness/Nutrition


 YVC Intern Kara Cobb
“I serve because I want to change the world.” – YVC Intern Kara Cobb

Kara Cobb, a senior at Hume-Fogg Academic High School, is excited to be returning for a second consecutive year as a YVC Intern. During this internship, Kara says she wishes to learn how to better enrich service projects and to become a better leader.

Fun Fact: If Kara could travel anywhere in the world, she would pick the Maldives. “It seems like a perfect paradise,” she says.

Internship Concentration: Fitness/Nutrition




YVC intern Angelica Flores
“I serve because it makes me and other people happy.” – YVC intern Angelica Flores

Angelica Flores is a junior at Father Ryan High School where she organizes shows and fundraising opportunities for the Theater Club, is a member of the Relay For Life committee, and also serves on the Veteran’s 5k Leadership committee. Angelica has also attended a national Youth Leadership Conference, and her goal for this internship is to learn how to organize intriguing service events for her peers.

Fun Fact: If Angelica could eat only one food forever, she would choose smoothies – “I’m more than a little obsessed with them, and they’re good for you,” she says.

Internship Concentration: Arts


YVC Intern Hannah Levy
“I serve because I love helping the community.” – YVC Intern Hannah Levy

Hannah Levy, a sophomore at Brentwood High School, hopes to achieve a greater connection with her community through this internship. Hannah is a member of Mu Alpha Theta, where she tutors other students in math, and is also a member of her school’s student council and Peer Leadership Team.

Fun Fact: If Hannah could do anything, she would travel. “I would love to observe culture in different regions, as well as visit many of the iconic sites spread across the world,” she says.

Internship Concentration: Arts



 YVC Intern Camryn Magsby
“I serve because I love to give back.” – YVC Intern Camryn Magsby

Camryn Magsby is a sophomore at Hume-Fogg Academic High School. Last summer, Camryn  taught youth about nutrition and health while serving as an Urban Agriculture Intern. Through the YVC internship, Camry hopes to gain knowledge and skills that she can apply to a future career in community organization.

Fun Fact: If Camryn could travel anywhere, she would go to Spain, Costa Rica, and Dominican Republic. “I am very fascinated with Spanish language, so traveling to different countries and learning more about their rich culture [would be] a very fun way to meet new people and experience new opportunities,” she says.

Internship Concentration: Fitness/Nutrition

YVC Intern Karthik Pradeep
“I serve because it is fun and rewarding.” – YVC Intern Karthik Pradeep

Karthik Pradeep is a sophomore at Centennial High School. Last summer, he helped teachers lead summer encore programs at Lipscomb Elementary and Clovercroft Elementary schools. As a YVC Intern, Karthik says he hope to spread as much of his knowledge in the realm of computer science to others as he can, and in the process, learn something new through the enrichment of others.

Fun Fact: If Karthik could only listen to one song forever, it would be
“A Sky Full of Stars” by Coldplay.

Internship Concentration: Technology


YVC Intern Caroline Rivers
“I serve because it make me feel alive.” – YVC Intern Caroline Rivers

Caroline Rivers is a senior at Hume-Fogg Academic High school. She says she hopes to learn the best ways to work with children in our community through her YVC Internship. Last year, Caroline started her own tutoring business last year, and she is a member of the senior dance company at Bellevue Dance Center.

Fun Fact: If Caroline could travel anywhere, she would go to India. “I want to be immersed in the beautiful culture,” she says.

Internship Concentration: Arts



YVC Intern Raffi Yang
“I serve because I enjoy helping others.” – YVC Intern Raffi Yang

Raffi Yang is a senior at Hume-Fogg Academic High School where he is a senior member and building coordinator of the school’s Science Olympiad team. Besides having fun, Raffi says he hopes to meet a diverse group of people through his involvement in this internship.

Fun Fact: If Raffi could have one superpower, it would to be able to predict the future. “I like knowing what comes in the future,” he says.

Internship Concentration: Technology

Through music, Jenny Sai shows the world to neighborhood youth

Written by Audrey Jackson, YVC Outreach AmeriCorps Member, Hands On Nashville

This first appeared in Be More, a publication that promotes intercession opportunities for Metro Nashville Public Schools families.

Jenny Sai, a Hume-Fogg student, serves as a Hands On Nashville YVC Intern. She teaches kids at McFerrin Park Community Center about music, art, and different world cultures.

For 18-year-old Jenny Sai, music is a way to show younger youth how vast and diverse the world really is.

A senior at Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet in Nashville, Jenny first began devoting her time to volunteering in the community after participating in a seventh-grade fundraising event. “We were trying to keep my tennis team’s program from shutting down,” says Jenny. “We hosted a parade to raise funds, and there were a ton of people. The atmosphere was just special. It felt like what we were doing was for a good cause.”

This experience inspired her to find other ways to donate her time, energy, and talents. Shortly after entering high school, Jenny discovered ways to volunteer with Hands On Nashville’s Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) and began serving as a YVC Intern during her sophomore year.

For Jenny, volunteering is an opportunity to share her passion for music and the arts with younger youth. In her role as a YVC Intern, she designs and facilitates educational and skill-building lessons for youth served by area nonprofits. During her three years as a YVC Intern, she has volunteered at The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and is now serving at McFerrin Park Community Center.

Having played the flute and piano since elementary school, she sees music as a way for kids to connect to something bigger than themselves. Jenny’s lessons have included everything from creating homemade instruments to sharing music and traditions from other cultures.

HONphoto2“One of my favorite lessons was making henna hand tattoos with the girls [at Catholic Charities] and listening to Bollywood music to learn about the culture of India. While Indians use henna for celebrations, some of the Ethiopian girls I was working with use henna to dye hair or clothing. The girls thought it was so cool; it connected them to another culture.”

With only a few months until graduation, Jenny is savoring the rewarding moments she’s experienced at McFerrin Park Community Center this school year. Located in East Nashville, the center offers after-school activities for neighborhood youth. Jenny hopes to expose the kids to the diversity of other cultures.

On a recent visit to the center, Jenny spread out a colorful map on the floor and pointed out different Latin American countries. She talked about the different types of music that can be found across Latin America. “This was one of my favorite volunteer days,” says Jenny. “The kids and I talked about how big the world really is. They began to understand that while people are all different, really, we’re all the same. Volunteering has opened my eyes to what goes on in our communities and in our world.”

Are you interested in getting more involved in your community? Hands On Nashville offers a variety of youth leadership opportunities that empower young people to learn, grow, and become effective community leaders. Applications are now being accepted! Learn more and apply today at www.HON.org/youthleaders.